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$WORK Allocations

The maximum supply of $WORK is set to 300,000,000 with the following distribution :
Number of $WORK
Token Sales & LP
Platform and Staking
Team and Treasury
Token Sale & LP


The biggest portion of $WORK is reserved to fund the many different ways we want the Worked. platform to reward users.
88,500,000 $WORK will be used to incentivise learners, reward creators, fund the different activities, challenges, and more.


78,000,000 $WORK is reserved to fund our NFT's staking platform.
As time goes on we'll progressively lower $WORK emission from staking in order to be more sustainable, we're going with a higher yield at first to reward our early supporters and ensure a nice distribution of the token amongst them.


Team tokens will be distributed on a monthly basis for the next 8 years and 4 months at a rate of 1% of the 36,000,000 $WORK allocated to the team.


Our goal is to create a hub of learning and builders, it would be nice if we could have a way to go even further and incubate some projects ourselves.
This is where the TWD Treasury will come into play, with an allocation of 10,000,000 $WORK the treasury will be able to offer potential grants to promising new projects being created by members of our ecosystem.
The Treasury will be made up of multiple members forming a council, and will not outright give a full amount of $WORK to projects, but will define a set of deliverables to measure the incubated projects' progress and will release tokens as results are shown.
The Buy $WORK Swap feature in acts as a vendor for us and distributes $WORK from our wallet. All ADA swapped using the tool is added as liquidity to the WORK/ADA pool on the Minswap DEX.