Update your profile
If you want to update your profile? It's simple. Click on your profile picture situated at the top right and choose Settings. You'll be led straight to your settings configuration page on our platform. Here's what you'll encounter:
Edit Your Account
🖼 Profile Picture: Fancy a change? Click on your current profile pic to upload a fresh one. Remember, square images work best! Aim for dimensions up to 800x800.
🌌 Cover Photo: Clicking on your current cover photo prompts a change. Stick to dimensions within 800px (width) x 400px (height). Don't stress about precision - our trusty resizer tool handles the heavy lifting!
📧 Email: Update the email address you set up your account with here. When an instructor you follow posts a new course this is how you will be notified.
💬 Bio: If you want to provide a little more information about yourself you can update your bio here!
💰 Account Tier: Under the Your Account title, This section highlights the creator tier associated with your account.
Intrigued about tiers? Explore the link given below.
Edit your Account Type
👩‍🏫 Account Type: Switch the type of your account between project, instructor and learner mode. Toggling off Instructor mode should hide your public profile.
Update your account interests
🎵 Interests: Update the interests which are displayed publicly on your profile.
View Transaction History
📜 Transactions History: Stay informed with a detailed ledger of your platform dealings. From sign-up bonuses to course payments and earnings, everything's listed crystal clear.
View and Edit Courses
📕 Courses: If you are an instructor you have the ability to view and edit your courses which have been posted so far.